Oh man, so we are all moved in. Rolled four trucks deep & a trailer on Saturday from the south side to the north side of the Q. It’s funny, how we thought we only had a few people helping us and through out the morning all the sudden multiple phone calls came through of people asking if we wanted help out. It’s crazy, I guess we are some what loved? I said I was tired before, holy hales… I am absolutely exhausted, climbed three flights of stairs…I couldn’t even tell you how many times. I feel like a bowl of jello, the color of choice would be red which is how my feet and fingers looked last before I got in le shower last night. I cannot believe how much stuff we moved. We moved things for 5 days straight, only breaks were to sleep and go to work, bleehhhhhh. I am delerious, I think I might eat some apple cinnamon oatmeal and a banana. I am not making much sense and am ramble rambling. I love our new place, it is bad ass. Such a positive feeling in le air. It’s peaceful, even though walking around the neighbor hood you mistake female adults as their 13 or 14 year old child by the way they dress. Bahaha, no comments… I am terrible. Everything is pretty much all unboxed, just a few more things to hang and put away. We got a bunch of new ish from bed bath and beyonce, i mean beyond (inside joke). New pots & pans. It’s sad that I am that excited about home goods? Does this mean I am getting old? I got to make dowdy tacos last night for our first meal in our new place with our new pots & pans and house full of groceries and house full of everything. Vino on the porch, even though it’s been cold as hell in Fl for the last few days. It does not make sense and I am not made for 30 degree weather. Go away cold, dowdy wants to play. Any ways I think I am going to do some internet searching, blog to ya laters when I have so more interesting things to say. The end.


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