So I was so incredibly busy yesters that I did not even get to post one thing. I did not like this and hope this never happens again lol, amen. Also hope that a day like yesterday never happens again, it was just super negative, super non fun, super boring and people were so crabby with stoopid attitudes, I just wanted to go home and be done. So let’s talk about the day before, Hearts Day! Tis was great, tis was grand. A lot of interesting things happened throughout the day. Got a little goodie bag from the house before we left the gate, super cute and sweet. Then off to trabajdora? I don’t speak spanish or spell very well but any ways.. I work in a corporate office so I saw a ton of flowers come through le doors, chocolates and cards for their loved ones on this lovely hallmark holiday. I am totally all for the love and valentine’s day, it’s just people think that this one special day is the only day that you should do extra things for your loved one to show that they are loved. I don’t have this problem because I know my husband loves me and would by me flowers on a daily basis if I wasn’t needing to be in  bubble for my allergies and being pretty allergic to most flowers. So my allergies were in full effect all day but the day was at least fun. We had a singing cortet come in and sing to a guy that works here that was sent by his girl friend. The whole office gathered around while he was beat red and mortified that he had five men in red metallic small glittered vests singing in tune and telling them how much his girl friend loves him. bahahaaaaaaaaaaaa. Nolo got mi flowers, the non allergic kind (orchids) but they delivered the wrong ones right when we were about to leave work. I had an attack, had to use the inhailer…boo boo. He called the company to let them know about the mistake and he wasn’t mad at all but the girl who answered the phone gave him an atittude, asked him why his WIFE didn’t like roses or stargaizers (which are the ones im alleric to) and said to him that he did not order orchids BAHA. Who does this? Great customer service lol. So the bia ends up hanging up on him, not just once but twiiice. He gets in le car, rides to the place, chews them a new one and gets the right ones. It was never about the flowers even though I do have horrible reactions to the ones they brought, it was just the common curtsy that I could have gotten sick and they hung up nor wanted to fix their mistake. Some people are just cray cray lol. See photos of everything below 😉 So we go out to dinner, do the typical heart day date. Got to a habatchi place, sit at a table with two w.t. people who were making out and eating at the same time. A couple which the man looked like a serial killer and his little asian wife who was not allowed to talk and he complained of everything. Then a mother and daughter which the daughter could not put down her phone the entire dinner and then the mother also complained about everything. Nolo and I just sat there and laughed the whole night… It’s fun to watch people, I am for sure a people watcher. It’s just amazing how inconsiderate people can be too. It’s the small things that make people feel appreciated and it’s not like it’s hard to be kind and the server nor the resturaunt did anything wrong, it’s just some people are never happy and it just saddens me. Relax and you do good things and good thing will come to you. Im done b*tching lol. Well maybe..So our night was grand, we get home walk into our bedroom, do the get ready for bed routine and our neighbor who obviously isn’t use to people living above them stars pounding aggressively on the walls and ceiling. Mi hubs and I looked at each other, started laughing and asking our self really? Truly wanted to walk down and introduce my self at 10pm at night and say I heard them knocking and make them feel bad but honestly I didn’t feel like knocking back of gaining a problem in our new place. This is what I would have said “Hello I am your new neighbor, I heard you knocking and I wanted to come down and introduce my self. I am sorry I have feet, let me remove them for you bc you matter the most. I shouldn’t walk any where in my place when I am home and should be blamed for the construction of this apartment and sit still when I am home. I am sorry, Happy Valentine’s Day. The end. muahaha


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