SoooOOOoooo.. You have vivid dreams? I do. All le damn time. It’s crazy, absolutely crazy how some dreams I can remember every single step, movement, color, breath & thought. Then some you just forget & can’t remember ish. Dreams inspire me, they help me make decisions in life and concord situations. But what do you do or how do you think when you have dreams about things that make you wonder why you had those dreams or how did they get into your mind. Do you forget about them and act like ahh no biggie, it’s just a random thought in my head OR do you act upon those dreams and know that subconsciously what you are thinking is probably how you feel. It’s a mystery, a thought is an adventure. I have always had very vivid dreams, pretty much my whole life. I could tell you about dreams I’ve had years ago & can name ever detail and thought before and after them. It’s amazing how your subconscious works or atleast the way mine does. I talk to other people and they say they either don’t dream, which i feel is a lie or maybe they are just a boring person. Others say they do dream but can’t remember what they’ve dreamt about. It’s just interesting to me. These are just thoughts that run through my mind. Just sharing. On my way to Miami for a weekend full of adventures. The end.


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