girl in the mirror

she is standing still

staring at her reflection

the wind blows through the opened window behind her

it moves her hairs

she is thinking

with her eyes closed

how has this happened again

to give someone trust

& love

to be broken down

again & again

it has killed her confidence

she tries to stay positive

with strength

to always put herself out there

& cares

to go out of her way, always

to help out another

she called close to her heart

she has been dropped

like an article of dirty clothing

after a long day

just left on the floor

to wait

to be picked up later

then washed

to get rid of the dirt & stains

that were created by not her

but others

& left to worry about it later

for it wasn’t important at the time

to act like nothing has happened

& to wear again

But this time

she won’t let it happen

even though the stains will stay with her

her courage & knowledge can over power

what has been created

& left behind

she will continue to conquer

& move away from the want to be kinds

continue to be nice

& let karma a line


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