& thus is how i feel right meow
















Why does everyone feel that they have to put

their own two cents in to other people’s business.

It’s like sickness or disease,

like some one just foaming from the mouth.

Just word vomit, spilling out all over the floor.

Letting words of opinionated unknown knowledge seep from their mouths & lips.

Is it because they are so boring or bored of their life that they start to begin to be curious in other’s?

Try to control and live through out some one else’s?

I just don’t get it & I am over it today.

So what if I wear colors in my hair.

So what if I want another tatoo.

So what if I want a dog.

It’s MY choice, choices & decisions.

Frak off.

Kiss my ass.

Mind your business.

Get a life & get frak out of mine. the end.

<straight up sassin>


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