two faced

i don’t even know where to start.

basically there are no other words

but you have hurt my heart.

i know you will read this

& post something shitty on your fb & twitter.

maybe blog something made up

to make your self feel better

& “look bigger”.

i know the truth.

there has never been a lie on this side.

there is no trust here any more.

you are such a jealous person

& can never love or adore.

you cannot be happy for anyone’s happiness.

there is no turning back

for you never have once had my back.

you can never make up

for your negativity & lies.

for this time it has finally broken the knots we tied.

you wish you were some one else

& pretend to be daily.

the more you hide

behind your imaginary lives

& you constantly close your doors

& shut people out

to hide the truths

you’re a afraid

people will find out

to know who you really are.

you will continue to get your karma

and sit alone

to brain storm

how make new friends

for the ones you had


for they could no longer put up with your

bullshit & deceiving “kaleidoscope eyes”.


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