Well this whole time change has been annoying.

I hate sprining forward, I more like to fall back.

It’s so hard to get use to and everyone gets into a funk.

Every one is tire and half hanging out of their chairs at work.

Well at least I am…

So because I was so annoyed with the loss of an hour and because

I never really knew why we had day light savings and it’s purpose

I googled…

We have good ole Benjamin Franklin to thank.

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” was among the first to suggest the idea.

It was I guess to save on candles back in the day.

They have done studies that in today’s modern world it doesn’t really save on electricity or anything but 1%.

A few years back they did another study and it showed a 10% decrease in car crashes… I feel like they need a do over…

The more tired people on the road, the more crashes? It makes sense, well in my eyes I guess. I just say we go back to falling back

and forget that we ever had a spring forward.





the growing flower

tis mi best frand’s birfday <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

 You ever love some one so much that it makes your insides feel like they are going to burst of ribbons, glitter, butterflies & rainbows? I do. This totally explains how I feel about my best friend, she is absolutely magically. A bona-fide lady with beautiful blue kaleidoscope eyes and some times colored hairs. I may have not known her my whole life but she is the true definition of a friend. It was destiny that we met. Always there for me, always there to make a negative a positive and make me crack up in hysterics and die every day laughing. We even have our own language that no one could understand, just no body could ever compare. Today is her birthday and I have a mixture of a emotions for I am in FLoduh & she is in Tejas. Maybe she should just move here? Just sayn.. I wish I was rich with such wealth, so I could fly to her on my private graffiti jet plane or ride a flying unicorn with rainbows in its hair, to pick her up to celebrate a day consisting of fun adventures and crafts. Have a tea party, sing and dance in our under pants (the whole day if we could, not just for a moment). I just wanted to tell the sea of bloggers or whoever is reading out there, how I feel about this one special lady & even though I cannot be with her today. I wish for her to still have the best birf day today. cox, bahamas, pea pods forever, and ever, amen.

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