New News

I cannot believe I have not blogged since March….it’s ridiculous because it makes me feel alive but completely understandable since there have been so many things going on.

We had our little girl in July!

July 2nd at 12:22am to be precise šŸ˜‰ Weighing 7.9 lbs and measuring 20″.

She is amazing. Little Miss Sydnei Ella King. Such a lady.

Puts a smile on our faces every day with her smiles, giggles & snuggles.

Sydnei Ella King









So besides the new edition to the King family….

While I was on maternity leave, I received a promotion!

Say hello to miss marketing specialist, finally I am getting to use my degree šŸ™‚

I am working at home with le babe, loving every moment and every day.

Life is great, I always say it’s perfect and it honestly couldn’t get any better but I have no worries in our world.

I started really working more on my photography, not only continuing my fine art work but focusing on portraits.

It’s done really well so far… I keep getting jobs!

If you want to check out my link:












If you want print of the fine art work, most of them are still listed on:











Since March I did another charity event with The Compound and the Mission for Mexico.

It was pretty big this year, more sponsors, more donations, more art pieces sold. Can’t wait for the next year’s event!












We got into our 1st house in June….right before our little lady arrive, talk about timing…. šŸ˜

Now I think it’s time for an adventure with all of the events in the last 6 months.

Diving, Camping, Road Trip? We will see…. xx



Today is exciting


Doctor’s appt at 1pm today.

We find out the sex of the baby.

I am currently 19 weeks & 2 days.

Super exciting stuff, yay!

No matter what the sex is of course as long as it’s a healthy baby,

we will be so thankful & happy.

It’s funny when you poll to see what your friends and family think it is.

I’ve gotten a lot of boy responses since I’ve told every one we were having a baby.

I mean like every single stranger in public would tap me and say “it’s a boy”.

But yesterday and today, I’ve gotten a ton of girls responses.

We will see I guess after le appointment but it’s fun to have everyone guess! šŸ™‚

I’m trying to think of unique non pintrest ideas for a photo to announce the sex.

I am a female photographer so this is important to me and fun to plan out a possible photo shoot.

I know unfortunately like everyone’s posts on pintrest it will involve balloons since it is probably the most easiest way to show the sex with either blue or pink.

But as I get ready for my appt I will let me mine wonder, to come up with something creative and nothing like balloons coming out of a box.

I wonder what time the sunsets today? ā¤ xx

tee tie

On your mark, get set, ready, GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Well here I am, sitting at my desk at work on a Wednesday morning jumping into a sea of internet blogging and telling random strangers things about my self that might or might not entertain them. I tend to not care about what people think but thought it would be funny to type down a few words of my day or the random thoughts, ideas or phrases or songs that constantly roll in and out of my brain or mouth. I’m sure this first blog will be pretty boring since I am not really sure how to start this and I also just tend to dive right into things and figure it out once I’m there and going through the motions.

So here we go…

Today I have a sense of peace for change is in le air. Even though I am at work and wishing I was at the beach sunning with the wind blowing in my hair or doing something with arts and crafts in miĀ casa with my best frandĀ (JBizzle) and feeling like I am more productive instead of talking about paper, I have a feeling of bliss knowing that there are many adventures to come in the next few weeks and even months and even within the year. Things that I have been looking forward to which are now closer, which makes me smile and smirk as much as I can.

It’s always nice to switch things up every once in a while. I am 1 week away from moving to a different area, same ole beach town (which I was born and raised in) but on to a nicer part of the Q, a more secure and more healthy living situation where there is not MOLD growing in your dwelling through the walls and paint to where you can actually breathe without nasal sprays twice a day. It’s a very interesting area with tons of amenities, lots of activities, things to see, people to watch. People, people are just very interesting to me and I tend to like to see how people present themselves or walk or talk or act in the public world. It kind of reminds me of a place in Tejas that we use to live by.

So this new area, the people there are very intriguing and very amusing to just sit & watch. It’s like they are a different breed of some sort, more like cookies that have been cut out and decorated to look exactly the same in every way. I always hear the theme music of the tv show Weeds in my head when I am standing in the parking lot of one of the shopping centers there. I am a pretty different and unique person when compared to others or cookies like these. Just living life in the now and not worrying about what is next or in the horizon. Thinking about the positives and laughing at the negatives that constantly surround me. What is to come, shall be very entertaining and very interesting for the future and next 12 months of our lease. I’m sure my husband is about to learn patience with living around people who are more concerned with the way they look then looking where they are going and how they are effecting others.Ā Moving forward,Ā the plans for the weekend are to pack le things and to get excited about decorating a new place in less than a weekĀ with my pintrestĀ obsessions, to be living MOLD FREE & imagine places for all of my nicciĀ nackies. This isĀ just theĀ intro & only the beginning of what is to come. The end for now.

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