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Slackin’ like a fat kid snacking.

What did we ever say about change?

Life can change in a second, a breath a beat?

Well my life has changedĀ  faster than light speed…

I promised my self that I had to get my a$$ back into writing & blogging.

It feels amazing to get out what is in these long hairs (which are all brown now) & head.

Where does a lady even start…

I got divorced.

Eventually moved on.

I movedĀ  3 times.

I got a dog.

I lost my job.

Then got re-married.

Now I’m 4 almost 5 months pregnant and am having a baby!

Life is amazing.

Never a dull moment.

I feel like I finally have a grasp on my life.

Everything has moved perfectly & alined.

My life is finally mine now.

No one else’s to control or guide.

o hai, i found jew


I haven’t really writen bc I’ve been smitten as a motha lickin kitten.

Loving life, living each day at a time.

Enjoying what I have in front of me.

Living in the now,

meow meow.


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