• 1 cup orange juice (fresh or frozen. you could also use orange juice concentrate for a stronger orange flavor)
  • 1 cup heavy cream (you could also substitute melted/very soft vanilla ice cream)
  • 3 tablespoons honey or agave nectar
  • ¼ teaspoon orange extract
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract

flash forwaRD

Good Morning World,

Life is quick! Moving very fast!

I cannot believe that 6 months of my pregnancy has already passed.

(wow rhymie…) any ways…

our daughter is growing bigger with each day ( & so is my tummy)

my husband & i are so excited for when she will finally be here.

hesus, life is going to be so crazy with a little one running around.

especially this one…


Yup, this is our daughter. Sydnei Ella King… She is only 6 months old in my belly but already making her judgements and creating opinions while she is cozy & comfy. (this is not her pointer finer, just to be clear).

Besides our loving lady. I got a new yob! Yayyyy! I absolutely love it & it’s perfect for my pregnancy. I am an executive administrative assistant for a large company that produces gps units for golf carts. It’s an interest niche and world but it’s definitely the best position and situation I have ever been in work related.


Horayy to new beginnings! I have been cooking a lot lately. Trying new recipes & dishes. I never knew how much I liked to bake and cook. Stealing idears from pintrest but still keeps our palates unique and never the same thing every week to eat. Besides, le bebe, new yob & cooking… I was invited again to be in a local photography art show! Just been prepping my work the last few days of what I want to print. Probably going to have more than 10 pieces this time. Check out my work at if you’re interested in seeing a sneak peak of what I do outside of work!

Today is exciting


Doctor’s appt at 1pm today.

We find out the sex of the baby.

I am currently 19 weeks & 2 days.

Super exciting stuff, yay!

No matter what the sex is of course as long as it’s a healthy baby,

we will be so thankful & happy.

It’s funny when you poll to see what your friends and family think it is.

I’ve gotten a lot of boy responses since I’ve told every one we were having a baby.

I mean like every single stranger in public would tap me and say “it’s a boy”.

But yesterday and today, I’ve gotten a ton of girls responses.

We will see I guess after le appointment but it’s fun to have everyone guess! 🙂

I’m trying to think of unique non pintrest ideas for a photo to announce the sex.

I am a female photographer so this is important to me and fun to plan out a possible photo shoot.

I know unfortunately like everyone’s posts on pintrest it will involve balloons since it is probably the most easiest way to show the sex with either blue or pink.

But as I get ready for my appt I will let me mine wonder, to come up with something creative and nothing like balloons coming out of a box.

I wonder what time the sunsets today? ❤ xx

diY today

Find of the Day

Waiting Game..

I am finally packed.

I cannot even believe it.

This is an absolute first.

I always wait till the last minute for majority of things.

Living in a maze full of boxes till WEDnesday.

OOOoooo man, this week is going to fly by or will take for F*CKINGever since I am just playing the waiting game until we get le keys to the new housey.

I am more and more excited with each day, getting closer and closer.

Packing sucks but is truly interesting as what it does to your mind.

It’s amazing how many things you discover when packing that you have forgotten about. I like to find things, it’s like an adventure.

So many memories that flash through your mind as you touch certain objects immediately and then putting them into boxes to discover and remember again.

Oh how the mind can let go of things that you’ve held onto forever and ever and finally decide that now is the time to move on and get rid of them.

It is amazing how the mind works and how many memories can be stored.

It really makes me appreciate how I live.

“Live the life you love and love the life you live”

I really love my life and truly feel blessed to live the way I live.

I appreciate everything and everyone that surrounds me.

I look forward to so many more memories to add to my collection and so many adventures to come into our lives.

Even though I am truly excited, I am so freaking tired.

Can you technically get too much sleep?

Can you tell by this post, as I ramble on & on?

I went to bed early but could not wake up for the life of meh this am.

Maybe too much sleep, nawh never!

I cannot wait to decorate, I’m sure every one at work has heard enough of how excited I am and who ever is reading this too.

I seriously would not make it if it wasn’t for the laughter and jokes with my best frand that makes the time pass or the

mind blowing time I occupy with pintrest & searching my interests & designing on a dime.

the end.

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