Well this whole time change has been annoying.

I hate sprining forward, I more like to fall back.

It’s so hard to get use to and everyone gets into a funk.

Every one is tire and half hanging out of their chairs at work.

Well at least I am…

So because I was so annoyed with the loss of an hour and because

I never really knew why we had day light savings and it’s purpose

I googled…

We have good ole Benjamin Franklin to thank.

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” was among the first to suggest the idea.

It was I guess to save on candles back in the day.

They have done studies that in today’s modern world it doesn’t really save on electricity or anything but 1%.

A few years back they did another study and it showed a 10% decrease in car crashes… I feel like they need a do over…

The more tired people on the road, the more crashes? It makes sense, well in my eyes I guess. I just say we go back to falling back

and forget that we ever had a spring forward.





I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so le tired.

I could not sleep last night.

I don’t know if it was because I worked out & did cardio too late.

Ate dinner/chicken noodle soup at 9:30pm.

For some reason I felt like my alarm wasn’t going to go off in le morning.

Like I wasn’t going to wake in time for work, not like it really matters muaha jk yob.

I felt like some thing was wrong.

Or that some thing was in the back of my mind.

Maybe I’m stressed?

Maybe there is something wrong?

I tossed & turned all night.

So many thoughts ran through my mind.

Today I am hanging half out of my work chair.

and my desk is supporting the other half.

Trying to stay awake.

My words are not making any sense.

I said today I wasn’t going to give into le coffee.

But my dependency is growing more & more with each minute of this morning slowly crawling by.

I can’t believe I seriously gave up le bulls but I’m sure my insides are saying thank you.

Is it Thursday or even Friday?

I’m ready to go out and distress.

Ready to take a deep breath.

Dance every place I go, even more so than I already do.

Ready to feel better fo le tiredness is making me a complainer.

I wonder if I closed my eyes if anyone would walk by my desk and notice that I was taking a cat nap.

Just 30 minutes maybe?

Or I could just use the excuse that I am taking my cig break even though I don’t smoke cigs.

Seriously, 15 mins wouldn’t be bad.

It takes a smoker 3 mins to smoke a cig.

Then 12 more mins for an excuse of a break.

How is this fare?

So if anyone sees me.

Sleeping in my chair today.

Maybe I should leave a note so you know.

“I just have my eyes closed, I am not sleeping & I am on an invisible smoke break.”

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